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Warwick Court Leet

today is made up of 24 Jurors. The Bailiff is a senior member of the Court and is appointed bi-annually by the Jurors, as is the Foreman. The Town Clerk acts as Steward to the Court, and the Court appoints the following Officers; Ale Taster, Brook Looker, Pavement Looker, Surveyor of Buildings and Herald, together with Constables to represent each of the electoral Wards. These Officers are required to report their findings at each of the four Courts that take place annually in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The spring and autumn Courts are usually held on the last Thursday of March and October, and are open to members of the public.

The Ale Taster organises an annual Ale Tasting at various hostelries in the Town and is accompanied on his visit by members of the Court. Should the ale in each establishment be declared fit for the townspeople to consume the Landlord is presented with a certificate to display on his premises until such time as the Ale Taster next visits.

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The Mayor and Town Council are now the equivalent of the “Lord of the Manor”, and it is the Court’s duty to support them at Civic functions throughout the year.

Members of the Jury, and members of the public attending either of the open meetings, are still required to put forward presentments. If these are accepted by the Court the Steward is requested to submit them to the relevant local authority, be it Town, District or County Council, and they are legally obliged to respond to the Court.